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Oeufs à la Neige “Eggs in the Snow”

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For 8 people Preparation: 1 hour + basic recipe Cooking time: 4 minutes

Pouring custard (crème anglaise)

4 cups 1-litre pouring custard: see basic recipe, prepared with milk used to cook egg whites

Caramel: 1/2 cup – 1 tbsp 100 ml water 2 cups 400 g granulated sugar

Oeufs à la Neige 1-quart 1-litre whole milk (will also be used for pouring custard 10 egg whites 1 cup 100 g granulated sugar 


I … In a large deep sauté pan, bring milk to a simmer over low heat, without allowing it to boil.

2 … Meanwhile, in a large clean, dry bowl, whip 5 egg whites to a foam. Once they are white and frothy, add V4 cup 50 g of sugar and continue to whip until firm. Using 2 spoons dipped in water, form large quenelles (3-sided ovals) of whipped egg white. Slide each into the pan by dipping the spoon in the hot milk, thus detaching the egg whites from the spoon Form quenelles with all of the whipped egg white and turn off the heat. The milk must absolutely not boil, or else the egg whites will deflate and will then resemble fried eggs. Cook for 2 minutes, turn over for another 2 minutes. Using a skimmer (or slotted spoon), drain the cooked egg whites and place on a damp dishtowel. .

3 … Reheat the milk and bring it to a simmer. Repeat step 2 with the remaining 5 egg whites and cup 50 g of sugar. POURING CUSTARD

4 … Strain the milk used above and measure 2 cups + 2 tbsp 500 ml. Prepare the pouring custard according to the basic recipe. Allow cooling. CARAMEL

5 … In a saucepan, cook the water and sugar together until the mixture has a golden caramel colour. Remove from heat and immediately dip the bottom of the saucepan in cold water for 30 seconds. Remove from water and stir with a spoon to homogenize the caramel. Coat the egg whites with caramel, being careful not to burn yourself. If the caramel is too liquid, slightly cool it once again by dipping the bottom of the saucepan in cold water.

6 … Pour the custard (at room temperature) into a serving dish or individual plates. place the egg whites coated in caramel.

Chef’s tip Serve the pouring custard at room temperature, and pour the caramel over the egg whites I to 2 hours before serving so that the caramel starts to lightly melt onto the egg whites. The layer of caramel will be thinner and more enjoyable when tasting.

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